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With the increasing climate change in our world today, it is very hard to stay outdoors, sometimes even indoors too. Especially with summer around the corner or winter being in its worst, we cannot enjoy the freedom of the indoors and outdoors very much because of less protection. If you want to enjoy your four seasons, keep cool and cozy with the best screen enclosure in Kissimmee Florida today.

Screen Enclosures are perfect for shade, a cleaner home and an excellent way to enjoy your outdoors without the burn of the sun. These enclosures can be used for your pool and patio as well, which means upgrading your house so your family, pets, and friends can enjoy your home. Our screen enclosures are also pest and insect proof so no worries of bites and unwanted guests migrating into your home.

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What are the benefits of screen enclosures?

Screened patios are a great way for little children and your family in general to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way. Children can still benefit from the sun without having the sun directly on their skin that can potentially reduce painful sunburn incidents. 

We all love being outdoors and with a screen enclosure, we can be outside for a longer period of time and still be safer as much as we want. No worries of running into dangerous insects that may bite and infestate your home.  Screen enclosures make it so much easier to keep an eye on your children as they play because they can stay in one place and enjoy themselves rather than running wildly in the streets or your backyard.

Screened areas, especially over a pool are beneficial in terms that your backyard will be much cleaner or easier to clean. You would not have to worry about debris that flies into your pool or onto your patio. Leaves, bugs or even animals would not wander into your yard or end up in your pool. That also means that your pets won’t wander too far away because they will stay in within that enclosure.

  • NU/V Protection on outdoor furniture
  • NShade from the sun
  • NKeeps your porch much cleaner and protected from airborne dirt / pollen
  • NHelp keep insects and animals away
  • NHelps reduce heat from sun through windows / doors
  • NAdditional play-space for kids or pets (Key – locks available)
  • NAdds to re-sale value of home
  • NAdditional products available to help against wind / rain
  • NWorry free enjoyment over your yard
  • NPool Cage Design And Construction
  • NPool Safety Fences
  • NSunroom and Lanai
  • NConcrete Additions


Weather in Florida can be harsh sometimes and sunlight can wear out even the toughest screen enclosure. Do not let your enclosures open and left behind, get it repaired immediately! 

Repairing and replacing those screens is a difficult task that is why our company does not only install your screen enclosures, but also repair them. Whether it is an entire section or a small part, never try to replace or repair a screen on your own. Doing it on your own could cause more tearing and possibly cost more than you expected to fix it and you do not want more expenses right?

When you need a screen enclosure repair in Florida for your home or business, our  are ready to assist you in Kissimmee Florida. We use the most professional, state-of-the-art equipment, and utilize highly experienced, helpful screen experts. If you are looking for a professional screen repair in Florida, it just takes one call for us to be in your doorstep!

Common causes screen damage:

  • Corrosion caused by birds sitting on a screen roof
  • Corrosion caused by proximity to the ocean (salt and sand)
  • Sun degradation (warping, faded paint)
  • Holes caused by pests, squirrels, and other creatures
  • Severe weather (including hurricanes, thunderstorms)
  • Mold on fixtures and casings

Our screened enclosures are custom designed and built using only the highest quality materials – and they’re economical and quick to install. The all-aluminum framing and baked – on triple coat finish are impervious to the elements. We offer an array of options from which to choose resulting in an outdoor living space perfectly suited to your needs and your home’s architecture.

We also offer screen – top enclosures, also known as bird cages or pool enclosures, as well as composite roof screen enclosures. All of our screened enclosures are built with the option to have glass or vinyl windows installed in the future, converting your screened room to a year–round enclosure or sunroom.

screen options

  • Knee wall/Chair rail
  • Aluminum Knee wall Screen Enclosure
  • Matching Knee wall
  • Chair rail
  • Roof Style
  • Cathedral
  • Studio
  • Screen Roof
  • Door Style
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Door Screen Enclosure
  • Pet Doors
  • Prime Door
  • Integrated Railing System
  • Shingles
  • Screen Enclosures
  • Lanai Conversions
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Sunrooms & Solariums
  • Patio Covers, Carports, & Awnings
  • Replacement Windows
  • Installation, Services, & Accessories
  • Flooring

High Quality Screens Enclosure

Our company has always been focused in providing quality service of screen enclosures in Kissimmee Florida. We use quality modern materials such as screens, combined with sophisticated aluminum framing that are guaranteed effective and safe. Our focus is to work alongside with you in achieving your ideal screen enclosure design for your home improvement. Your yards and activity spaces needs to have their own protection too and you can achieve that with screen enclosures. Our company screen enclosure are a m

Prompt services

If you need installment, repair or maintenance of your screen enclosure ASAP, our company is always ready to be at your service. Our company is readily available for any screen enclosure service around Florida and you can contact us through our hotline numbers and active website. Be one of our well served customers today!

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