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Get a new screened pool enclosure built in Kissimmee!

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We are proud to say that we are the leading pool enclosure service company that offers complete service that goes from advice on sizes from our technicians to the delivery and installation of your enclosure by our installation technicians. Our reliable pool screens offers complete screen enclosure and can rescreen small or large sections of pool screens or we can even custom build to suit your preferences.

Every service is a guaranteed with maintenance service, with no middle-man or subcontractors. We do all the work so you can be rest assured that for any problems, you can call us right away.  We offer very competitive rates using only the highest quality commercial grade screen in the market.


Our screen enclosures are delivered to our customers’ premises and installed hassle free. Every week, our mobile workshops leave our headquarters equipped with screen enclosure service technology to provide our customers in Florida. We deliver and install any pool enclosures all throughout the year.


Our enclosures are assembled on our customers’ premises by our installation technicians. These teams are prepared for the work of installing and assembling our pool enclosures in our internal training school. We also make it sure that our installation work would not interrupt you daily work activities so you can still go on with daily life while improving your pool enclosure.

Use Your Pool All Year Round

Protect your pools and prepare it for the swimming season.

Your pool does not need to end with summer. Our swimming pool enclosures of various styles, shapes and sizes to choose from are totally worth the investment. Our enclosures are supplied and installed by our team of experts and we will advise you on the enclosure that will work best for your pool and your individual needs.

With our competitively priced swimming pools enclosure, you can be rest assured that your pools are protected. No matter what you have in mind, we have the pool for you and our dedicated team is with you every step of the way to ensure you choose the right pool for your needs. A special feature of our pools is that they can all be easily self-installed, saving you a bit of extra money.

Our products have won numerous quality and high functionality service recognition around Florida. Our pool screen enclosures are emphasized by experts worldwide and quality standards in the market.

Safe Pools, Enjoyable Moments

Our line of product service is made to ensure safe and reliable pool enclosure screen that can protect your family and your invested pool. Our enclosures can be safely close and lock for the maximum safety of your pool.

Long term Service

We do not just provide mean time service. We always look forward in the future and so are our products and services. We provide unique care for every pool screen enclosure that can last long even after product service and delivery.

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